Jack, Jules, Esther & me.

Luis doesn’t know how to tell her dream girl she’s the one for him. Esther can’t believe she’s been lying to her parents all year. Jack's so insecure that he doesn’t even take himself seriously. Jules can’t forget about a fling she had a year ago.

That is what this comedy is, something you can relate to.
We follow the adventures of these four teenagers just a weekend before leaving for college. What seems like a cliché at first, turns out to be something deeper and sweeter, a nostalgic look of those glorious days when life could change in a matter of seconds.
The acting feels real, even sometimes improvised through awkward conversations and unconfi situations that any teen have been into.

Recommended! https://vimeo.com/64026660

Album Art

This song is incredibly beautiful and sad, you can see a completely different part of Scarlett by the way she feels this song. Last episode was shocking for me, for some reason I didn’t expect Scarlett to have this dark past, her last scene is heartbreaking, I hope the next episode things will get better and Scarlett could confront her past, her mother and her drug problem, because she’s still one of my faves in Nashville and she has to fight. In the scene where she sings this song to her mother you almost see her that child trying to make her mother see that she’s not going in the right path… sigh…tears…

ArtistClare Bowen
TitleBlack roses
AlbumWritten by Lucy Schwartz

Tattoo Appointment

So I sent an email to a tattoo place to see when I could get a time and this was the answer…

We are very sorry, but we do not take any tattoo booking over the phone or via email. Its not a pizza, it’s a life long decision that needs proper thought and planing.


Lali y Cande son unas genias, talentosas, polifacéticas y que la ropen en todo lo que hacen, Solomente vos y Vecinos en guerra no serían lo mismo sin ellas.

Y ahora me he enganchado a Somos familia, son unos grosos en esa serie, Y Olivia Viggiano esta en ella, Es divina y canta muy bien!


This film felt like fresh air under warm sunshine. It is bloody brilliant and the music from The Proclaimers makes it even better, Edinburgh is breathtaking and the cast is great!

I fell deeply in love with Edinburgh last summer, I was lucky enough to attend some screenings at the Edinburgh Film Fest and I explored the whole city. It is beautiful.

George Mackay has surely captured my attention in both Sunshine on Leith and How I live now. Despite his accent, he’s British, Londoner actually, which quite impresses me, the Scottish accent is lovely but quite a hard one to imitate. I’m really looking forward to his future work.

So just saying that it’s a cute up-lifting, well-acted, entertaining musical comedy, I’M PROUD OF BEING SCOTTISH… Oh wait… but I’m not Scottish… never mind then.



Alain Delon in Plein Soleil (1960)


Alain Delon in Plein Soleil (1960)