Bonnie Wright in the independent comedy Those who wander.

Very excited to read that Bonnie will play the lead role in the film, Zoe!

Frustrated with midterms, the city, and her increasingly complicated love life, 19-year old Zoe sets off on a road trip down to her unpredictable and ill-advised best friend Sam’s childhood home in Georgia, with Sam’s judgemental older roommate Spencer, Zoe’s it’s-really-complicated-so-let’s-just-say-friends-with-benefits lover Joel, and a guy named Danny who correlates his mood to his socks.

Somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line it quickly becomes evident that the ‘fun spring break week to relax and forget’ is never going to happen, because: Sam has some seriously unresolved issues with his temperamental stepfather, Spencer seems determined not to let Zoe have any fun and Joel’s mixed signals are driving everyone insane. Not to mention Sam’s narcissistic childhood best friend Trey, who’s made it his mission to stir up some trouble and come between Zoe and Sam.

Caught up in a whirlwind of midnight car sex, day-raves in parking garages and drug dealers named Tiger, Zoe and Sam will do anything to keep pretending nothings wrong.


GOOD for Bonnie!

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